Mass Conversion of Hindus in Sindh, Pakistan

Religious extremists and clerics have always been notorious for converting religious minorities into Islam, whether by intimidation or taking advantage of their helplessness.

The most vulnerable among them are the underage girls who daily were kidnapped, raped, converted, and later married to their abductor who are in most of the cases were already married and twice or thrice of the victim’s age.

However, this time as many as 60 people belonging to the Hindu community have been converted to Islam in Sindh on 7th July.

Like the other previous conversion cases, in this case too an influential has been behind the conversion. A man named Abdul Rauf Nizamani, who is the Chairman of the Municipal Committee in Matli, Sindh.

He informed about the conversion through his Facebook post where he posted the videos and photos of the people with the caption – “Alhamdullilah aj meri nigrani me 60 log musalman hui hain inke liye dua karen (Today, 60 people accepted Islam under my watch. Please pray for them.”)

But, one can see and tell all those who converted to Islam don’t want to give up on their faith. They seem helpless.

Sadly, the state and authorities are involved in such incidents instead of protecting its minorities they are making them more vulnerable day by day. Soon, we come to see a day where the white color in Pakistan’s flag will no longer be visible.

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